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finding the right person is a science in itself.

Of course, qualifications are important. But we believe there is more to it than that. That’s why we meet and get to know our clients as well as our candidates. Only then can we be sure that the chemistry is right. When you add that we are a world leader in recruitment and consultant staffing, and we have a large global network of clients and candidates, then it becomes clear why we so often find the perfect match.

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work in a country that helps save lives.

If you specialise in life sciences and dream of making a difference through your job, you can participate in groundbreaking research in Sweden. Randstad Life Sciences has several world-leading companies as customers where you can work on development, research and production of pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering and other things that help people.

recruiters and consultant managers focussed on your career.

With an inclusive society and a career partner that puts you and your progress in focus, you can shape your career however you want.

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find what's next.

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Randstad Life Sciences is the right partner for those with expertise in the physical sciences who want to make a difference for people through their daily work. We are natural science consulting and recruitment specialists.

our specialisations.

At Randstad Life Sciences you can work in various industries in many exciting roles. Our active areas include research and development, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory affairs and process development.