what personal data do we collect?

When you visit our website, we gather information that relates to your device, your browser and to the way you navigate our website content, such as:

  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your device
  • the IP address of your Internet Service Provider
  • device screen resolution
  • device type (unique device identifiers)
  • browser and operating system versions
  • geographic location (country only)
  • preferred language used to display
  • the date and time of access to the website
  • the internet address from which you were directly linked through to our website
  • the control system that you use
  • the parts of the website that you visit
  • the pages of the website that you have visited and the information that you viewed
  • the hyperlinks you have clicked
  • the material that you send to or download from our website

If you choose to download our reports or white papers; or to subscribe to our newsletter news, events and alerts; or submit an inquiry we may ask you to fill out a form with information such as your name, e-mail address, job title and company. From the moment you engage in one of the aforementioned actions, we will be able to relate the information listed above about your device, your browser and to the way you navigate our website content directly to you.

why do we need your personal data?

Randstad processes your personal data only for the purposes specified below:

If you choose to download our reports or white papers or to subscribe to news, events and alerts, fill in webforms, we will use the information you provide us to send you the content requested, to communicate with you and to improve our marketing and communication strategy: Randstad can send whitepapers, newsletters, events and alerts where you have given consent to receive this. If you are no longer interested in these Randstad messages you are always able to opt-out from receiving such communications.


Please find more information on the cookies we use, for what purpose and further settings for configuring or deleting cookies in our cookie notice.

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