Finnish-speaking customer service agent Sibelco.


Hugo Gejervall,
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Job type:
full time
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Västra Götalands län, 
Mölndal kommun
Kundtjänst, service, handel

job description.

Are you passionate about providing outstanding service and enjoy being the one to help customers make the right decisions with your communicative ability and sales attitude? Does your personality contribute to inspire the team and solve problems? Do you speak and write Finnish fluently and have previous experience of customer support and administration and are looking for the next challenge?  


This employment  includes two 50% roles, you will work as a Customer Service Representative at 50% as Front-Office and work Back-Office at 50%.

 Customer Service Representative, Front - Office:
• Acts as the single point of contact for the customers, having the ability to serve them and to coordinate any commercial, technical or operational issues.
• Processing orders – receiving orders & registration in the system
• Carry out all invoicing related activities for the (domestic/export) customers, e.g. debit notes, corrective invoicing and advanced invoicing in line with the Credit Policy.
• Troubleshooting and monitoring of contract agreements/orders. order follow-up.
Order follow-up, communicates with customers to ensure order entry and amendments are carried out according to customer requirements providing compliant documentation.
 •  Communicates with internal departments and external companies to ensure that orders are dispatched in line with customer requirements.

 Customer Service Representative, Back-Office:
• Updates systems/Data management (In CRM and local ERP)
• Ensure the quality of the information (maintain a data governance framework)
• Troubleshoots master data issues and resolves discrepancies
• Suggests/Executes data cleansing initiatives
• Mail invoices that cannot be sent electronically, set up daily, weekly, monthly invoicing runs, do consignment stock invoicing and enter invoices onto customer
portals as required.
• Pricing management: Take care of price setting in ERP system and Administer the annual standard price increases in liaison with the CS Manager and provide governance over pricing throughout the year, by monitoring the existing price master data.  

working hours.

This is a full-time assignment with ordinary office wokring hours.


• Fluent knowledge of Finnish and English, in speaking and writing.
• Pro-active problem solving
• Ability to work as a part of a team
• Good communicator both verbally and in writing


2021-04-16, selection and interviews will be ongoing. The position may be filled before the last day of application, therefore apply as soon as possible.
For more information: Hugo Gejervall, Junior Consultant Manager. Email:

about Sibelco Nordic AB.

Sibelco is a global material solutions company. Our company sources, transforms and distributes specialty industrial minerals – particularly silica, clays, feldspathics and olivine – and is a leader in glass recycling. Sibelco delivers solutions for society and supports the progress of modern life, from drinking water sanitation to solar technology and from flame retardants to smartphone screens. We serve industries as diverse as glass, ceramics, construction, coatings, polymers and water purification.