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Java Backend Developer to Etraveli in gothenburg.


You are applying to the following job

Göteborg kommun, Västra Götalands län
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Etraveli Group is a leading global technology provider for flights focused on offering the best possible flight content delivered through flexible tech solutions. We are now looking for an experienced Java Backend Developer to join our team in Gothenburg.

Working with us you get access to resources to help you grow in your role. We believe that professional and personal growth is very important so we offer extensive learning opportunities and focus on different ways to feel inspired to learn and try new things.

Be part of an agile team that has the ownership of their own domain. Feel accountable and take on the responsibility of the development, and quality of the same, so it meets stakeholders’ needs.
Working within a Scrumban methodology where the team own their way of work.
Focusing on collaboration and communication by pairing, whiteboard talks, sofa topic discussion, mob programming and more.


Tech stack: JAVA, MySQL as well as MemSQL, Artemis, Kafka as well as Atlassians agile tools, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, IntelliJ etc.

Of course you do not have to be familiar with all of our tech stack, although Java is mandatory. We will support you in your journey with us! We always aim to improve everything we do and we aim for our teams to be continuously working towards a creative, communicative, collaborative culture with a strong feeling of pride in the things we create. The teams are also cross-functional so that we have the skills needed close to the team.

Balance is important at Etraveli Group. We encourage flexibility at work so that we are able to puzzle together work with our private life. We also believe that personal meetings add a lot of value - building strong bonds between us as colleagues and enabling trust and creativity to the culture.


  • Software developer with at least 5 years of working experience focusing on Java technologies
  • Fond of API integrations, SQL and different kind of database solution and acquainted with any of public clouds (AWS/GCP)
  • Good communication skills, verbally and in writing, in English
  • Holder of valid work permit for Sweden
  • You thrive in offering support in a complex environment.
Personal skills
At Etraveli Group it is important to play as a team and we love that you see solutions where others see problems. You have a positive mindset and are motivated by challenging projects. In this role you have regular contact with many parts of our organisation, in Sweden as well in Greece, and therefore you must enjoy communicating with both people and IT-systems.


The position may be filled before the last day of application, therefore, apply as soon as possible.

For more information contact Frida Persson at:

Start: by agreement.

Please note: If you are not an EU citizen, please note that you must have full working rights aligned with Swedish laws. If you are on a work permit or visa, please make sure to attach the details along with your application.

about Etraveli Group AB.

We like a fast ride. The eyes tearing up from the wind, the hair a mess streaming behind our faces, the hands gripping the handles convulsively – that kind of fast. Since we started in 2000 we’ve expanded to 77 countries, 6 continents, 35 languages and 21 brands. Once, we were just a handful of dedicated souls, printing the flight tickets as soon as there was a booking and running off to the post office to mail them out.

Now, we’re a flight technology company with our own platform and close to 1,000 employees and another 500 people dedicated to working for us at various outsourcing partners. In addition to having one of the market’s most sophisticated technical solutions for connecting travellers and flights, we partner with and Google Flights and are highly competent and knowledgeable within many fields. Successful in e-commerce, on the edge of technology development and with vast experience in the travel industry, we are able to offer you the best of three worlds.